HYUNDAI VERNA - Starting at Rs. 7,88,872

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It's simply unmatched in Power, Style and Features.

Unmatched Style

With a bold presence, sleek exterior and distinctive styling, the 2016 Verna is sure to woo millions.

Unmatched Comfort

Get a taste of affluence as you step into the 2016 Verna. Mirrored around the fluidic design philosophy, the Verna boasts of sophisticated interiors, comfortable seating and ample space.

Unmatched Drive

Presenting the 2016 Verna. Its breathtaking style, along with top-of-the-line safety features, well-appointed interiors and a powerful engine, make it the truly unmatchable sedan.

Unmatched Safety

Safety comes standard with the 2016 Verna. It comes with a host of safety features that make sure that you stay in control, always.

Amazingly responsive, Great performance

Quite, clean and responsive, the 1.6L U2 CDRi diesel engine are built for optimum fuel efficiency and generates segment best power & torque of 128ps & 26.5 kgm respectively.

Multi-function steering wheel

From the driver seat of Verna you can operate a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. You can also adjust the volume of phone calls with the remote control on the steering wheel.

6-airbag system

Verna features an Anti-lock brake system (ABS) and 6 airbags, including driver and passenger airbags front and rear curtain airbags and front side airbags, for better safety.


The 2016 Verna is designed to take the roads by storm. Quiet, responsive and robust, the Verna packs upto 128ps of power under the hood. With exceptionally low NVH, it boasts of a super-silent cabin to offer an unmatched driving experience.

1.6 U2 CRDi diesel engine with VGT

The 1.2L Kappa petrol engine is extremely robust and delivers 83 ps at 6,000 rpm while peak torque measures 11.7 kg·m at 4,000 rpm.

1.6 MPi petrol engine with VTVT

Lightweight to enhance fuel economy, a 1.6 MPi petrol engine with VTVT (MT) generates segment best power 123 ps at 6,300 rpm and 15.8 kg·m torque at 4,200 rpm.

1.4 U2 CRDi diesel engine

Built with latest technology to enhance fuel economy, a 1.4 U2 CRDi diesel engine generates power of 90 ps at 4,000rpm and 22.4 kg·m torque at 1,750 ~ 2,750 rpm.

1.4 MPi petrol engine with VTVT

Lightweight to enhance fuel economy, a 1.4 MPi petrol engine with VTVT generates power of 107 ps at 6,300 rpm and 13.8 kg·m torque at 5,000 rpm.

H-Matic Automatic Transmission

The 4-speed H-Matic auto transmission offers highly responsive and sporty acceleration.

Manual Transmission

The 5 speed petrol and 6 speed diesel manual gearboxes provide smooth, noiseless shifting of gears thanks to the key and ball- type synchromesh, optimized gear-tooth shape, and precision matching.


Safety comes standard with the 2016 Verna. It comes with a host of safety features that make sure that you stay in control, always.

Anti-lock brake system (ABS)

When braking on wet and slippery roads, any deviation in direction is detected by the Anti-lock brake system (ABS) sensors. The individual Anti-lock brake system (ABS) then activates to keep your wheels from locking up, prevent skidding and maintain directional control.

6-airbag system

6-airbag system provides all-round protection. One for the driver, one for the front-seat passenger, front and rear curtain airbags running the length of the cabin, plus front side airbags.

Front Disc Brakes

The front disc brakes ensure optimum braking efficiency and longer brake life.

Headlamp Escort function

Headlamp stays ON for a limited time after the car is locked to guide at dark locations.

Impact sensing door unlock

Automatic door unlock during collisions and lock at predefined speed.

Anti-pinch Power Windows

Detects obstacles and automatically reserves the driver window movement preventing any injuries.



The 2016 Verna is packed with a host of hi-tech features, ergonomically designed to offer unparalleled convenience in every drive.

Rear parking assist system (RPAS)

Guidelines show you where you are in relation to other vehicles and the curb. Sensors in the rear bumper detect objects you can’t see, warning you with a sound.

Large 17.8cm Smart Touch Infotainment

Next-gen infotainment system with large 17.8cm screen supported with 4 speakers and front tweeters. It also offers bluetooth, USB, AUX-IN connectivity to hook your favourite gadgets.

Electro-chromic Mirror (ECM)

The Electro-chromic mirror automatically senses and reduces light intrusions and glares. It also displays the rear with colour guidelines for complex parking spaces.

Rain sensing wipers

Detects the first drops of rain and automatically activates the wipers at an appropriate speed.

Tilt Adjustable driver seat

Choose the most comfortable seating position when you drive.

Tilt and telescopic steering

Telescopic and tilt adjustment for perfect steering position.

Walk-in Ergo Lever

The rear passenger can move the front passenger seat forward and backward with just the push of a lever.

Steering Adaptive Parking guidelines

The rear camera parking guidelines are steering angle sensitive & curve as per the steering position to precisely guide the vehicle during complex congested parking space.

Cup Holders

The front passengers can enjoy their favorite beverage while on the move ensuring fresh & fatigue free journeys.

Driver Seat height adjustment

In i20 Active, driver seat height can be adjusted to suit the driver of all stature ensuring safe and comfortable driving.