HYUNDAI ELANTRA - Starting at Rs. 12,99,000

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Experience the new era of prestige. Discover the magnificent definition of a modern premium sedan from Hyundai.

Sporty & Luxurious

Sleek headlamps combined with the expressive hexagonal grille create a premium look ready to leap forward.

Unique & Robust

The All New Elantra boasts its new dynamic wheel arch design and refined proportions to stimulate your driving passion.


The all new Elantra is a groundbreaking vehicle that has been designed to deliver a class-above experience to the sedan car segment.

Comprising more than 53% of advanced-high strength steel, the enhanced chassis rigidity is certain to deliver better handling, durability and performance.

Aerodynamic design

It’s a complete high-tech package design on a new level. With optimized technologies, its sporty chassis structure is ideally designed to maximize stability and fuel-efficiency.


Electrically controlled smart sunroof with one touch operation for added convenience.

Smart trunk system

Simply carry and load more luggage easily with the smart key thanks to the smart tailgate system that automatically opens the trunk within only 3 seconds when standing near its perimeter.


Dramatically optimized driving qualities deliver a powerful, yet a smooth and quiet ride for a dynamic experience second to none.

Nu 2.0 MPi Petrol engine

The Nu 2.0 MPi Best-in-class Petrol engine is capable of a maximum 152 ps at 6,200 rpm and 19.6 kg∙m torque at 4,000 rpm with high fuel efficiency.

U2 1.6 CRDi Diesel engine

U2 1.6 CRDi diesel engine is capable of a maximum 128 ps at 4,000 rpm and 26.5 kg∙m torque at 1,900 ~ 2,750 rpm with Best-in-segment mileage of 22.54 kmpl (MT).

Front & rear suspension

Driving stability is optimally secured with the state-of-the-art MacPherson strut suspension for the front and CTBA for the rear.

6-speed manual transmission

Experience smoother performance and a greater sense of speed with increased durability of Elantra's lightweight design and a new "Reverse" gear release button for easier operation.

6-speed automatic transmission

Discover the new shift pattern with sports mode of the optimized 6-speed automatic transmission design that delivers a dynamic performance and unmatched fuel economy.

Front McPherson strut type suspension

The optimized suspension design offers an enhanced steering response and better driving experience.

Tubular beam (CTBA Rear)

Riding comfort is upgraded by efficiently resetting the rear wheel area's spring and shock absorber.

Drive Mode Select

Drive mode select feature gives option to drive to choose between ECO mode for higher fuel efficiency and Sports mode for enthralling performance at a press of a button.


6-airbag system

Equipped with a 6-airbag system in all the fundamental spots, Elantra ensures reliable protection of all occupants to their destinations.

Hill-start assist control (HAC)

When approaching sloped roads, the brake pressure is temporarily maintained to prevent the vehicle from a dangerous roll-back.

Electronic stability control (ESC)

Providing optimal control during sudden braking or steering maneuvers, the vehicle stability is securely maintained to keep the driver on the intended path.

Auto cruise control (ACC)

Auto cruise control (ACC) system can maintain the vehicle speed that you have set so that you may drive without pressing accelerator pedal.

Safety windows

For extra safety, sensors automatically lower the windows by 150mm upon detecting any obstructions in the frame.

Impact sensing door unlock

In case of collision, the door unlock automatically for safe and quick exit to the passengers.

Steering adaptive guideline

Rear camera parking guidelines are steering angle sensitive and curve as per the steering position to precisely guide the vehicle during complex congested parking space.



Enjoy comfort, control and class with driver-focused technology features that deliver a unique driving experience.

Parking assist system (RPAS)

With sensors and audible alert to help you park safely without the trouble of facing obstacles in the way, you can maneuver into tight parking spaces with greater comfort and ease.

Smart Infotainment System

Technology gets better when it knows you well. Make your drive more enjoyable with the best-in-segment infotainment system with smartphone connectivity and voice command.

Seat adjustment control system

Adjust the power seat switch through seat-shape switches to suit your desired position with intuitive design added to its trendy and European-inspired slim shape.

Front Seat ventilation system

Stay cool and refreshed all summer with the 3-level controlled wind circulation embedded into front seats. It reduces sweating and keeps seats cool in hot wheather.

Engine start / stop button

With the Smart key in your pocket, handbag or briefcase, all it takes to start the engine is a press of the engine start/stop button.

Auto defogging system

When condensation forms on the indscreen, sensors automatically activate the blowers to clear the glass and ensure optimum visibility.

Rear View Camera

The rear view camera is another invaluable parking tool. The rear view is displayed on infotainment system, with graphic lines helping you to position the car straightly.

Cluster Ionzier

Cluster ionizer generates charged ions and discharges them into cabin which help in cleaning pollutants and other particles in cabin air thus ensuring clean and fresh air.

Power window Controls

Ergonomically positioned, drive-side power window adjustment controls ensure ease of operation and maximum control to the driver.

Tilt & Telescoping Steering Wheel

Steering can be manually adjusted to customize the reach and rake for the best driving position.

Electro Chromic Mirror

Electro Chromic mirror (ECM) automatically senses and reduces light intrusion from following vehicles and reducing eye fatigue.