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    The perfect first car

    An ideal blend of style, performance and economy, the Hyundai EON is the perfect choice for those who seek that extra value.

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    Superior Fuel Mileage

    Hyundai EON is equipped with well proven and efficient iRDE technology. The 814cc, 3 cylinder engine has been bred significantly for Indian roads to deliver optimum power with superior Fuel mileage of 21.1 Km/Lt.

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    6.2 Touchscreen AV System

    The EON Sports edition comes with a 6.2 Touchscreen AV system with phone link. Perfect choice for those who seek extra value & style.

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    - Wraparound Head lamps
    - Integrated Spoiler and Stylish tail lamps
    - Body colored door handles & mirrors 

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    - Comfortable seating
    - Large boot space
    - Bucket type front seats

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    - 1.0L kappa engine
    - 0.8L iRDE engine
    - 5-speed manul transmission

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    - Remote Keyless entry
    - Driver Airbag
    - Reinforced body structure

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    - Power Windows
    - Internally adjustable Outside Mirrors
    - Keyless entry & Centre Locking
    - iPod and USB connectivity


Distinctive & Futuristic Style

ON gives more dynamic look with its side charcter lines and its sloping roofline with its unique arc style is smooth and seductive to the viewer.

New clear headlamps

The Swept back headlamps in the Hyundai EON impart a touch of Class and provide ample all-around illumination.

Chrome grille and large intake

With a touch of cool and a reassuring presence, the 2-tone chrome radiator grille has Hyundai written all over it. Large air intake is integral to the sporty look. It also serves to maximize engine and radiator cooling efficiency.

Integrated rear spoiler with stop lamp

A high-mounted LED stop lamp built into the roof-mounted rear spoiler makes for safer braking and aerodynamic efficiency.

Rear combination lamp

Elegant rear combination lamps are designed to harmonize with the overall fluidic sculpture design language. Extra-large reflectors maximize visibility and visual appeal.

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    Body colored Door Handles and Outside mirror

    The dual tone outside rear view mirror is well harmonized with the overall design of the car and lends a sporty touch to the side view.
    Body colured Life type door handles offer ease of operation and also enhances aesthics.

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    Roof Antenna

    Aerodynamically designed roof antenna lends a sporty touch to the front.

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    Front Fog lamps

    Unique triangular fog lamps not only provides extra visibiltiy in foggy conditions but also add to the sporty looks of the car.

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    Wheel Cover

    8-spoke full wheel cover adds to the aesthetics of R13 steel wheel.

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    Rear Bumper

    The Bold and voluminous rear bumper gives an impression of strength and safety.

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    Side Body Molding Graphics

    The side molding on the Limited edition EON gives it a sporty look that is bound to make an impression.

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    Sporty Roof Rails

    The stylish integrated roof rail lends a sporty appeal to the Limited edition EON.


Plush Interior

When it comes to comfort or convenience, the Hyundai EON boasts of both in equal measure.

Luggage space

Hyundai EON boasts of a large boot space to make sure you carry everything that you need on your family weekend jaunt with a 215ℓ trunk capacity. IN_IMG_EON_HIG_20141112_01

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    Ergonomically designed seats

    The ergonomically desinged front seats are well contoured to provide sufficient thigh & back support for enhanced seating comfort.

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    Floor console storage

    This useful storage tray keeps your valuables like i-Pod, mobile phone or wallet safe and within reach.

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    Map Pocket with Bottle Holder

    The Front door has aesthetically designed map pockets with built-in bottle holders or storing essential papers on the go.

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    Dashboard Storage

    The dashboard sports a unique storage space which is convenient for keeping small articles like spectacle cases, keys, mobile phone etc.

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    Centre console

    The curvy centre console with metallic highlights imparts style and houses various ergonimically placed controls.

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    Metallic Inside door handles

    The inside door handles boast of a metallic finish, adding to the look of the interiors.

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    3 Spoke steering Wheel

    The sporty look of the console and instrument panel is finally topped off with a 3-spoke steering wheel accentuated with metallic inserts. The tilt-adjustable steering column lets you have the precise control you want.

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    Climate control system

    Eon doesn’t compromise when it comes to heating, cooling and ventilation. The core of the system is a front heater core, a 4-speed blower driven by a powerful motor and easy-to-use rotary-type controls. An effective air conditioner ensures that the inside is always cool and comfortable, no matter what the temperature outside.

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    Pedestal Space

    Exclusive pedestal space is provided at the centre of the dashboard to place accessories, gadgets or idols for personalization.

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    6.2 Touchscreen AV with Phone Link

    The EON Sports edition offers the perfect blend of convenience and style


1.0L Kappa engine

Another marvel from Hyundai the kappa engine is equipped with latest technologies like Dual VTVT, DOHC and lightweight cylinder block. With class leading power of 69 ps and 9.6 kgm torque, this engine promises to deliver enhanced driving pleasure with superior mileage of 20.3 kmpl.

0.8L iRDE engine

Designed to generate maximum fuel efficiency at all times with 814cc, the EON's engine delivers an unmatched mileage of 21.1 kmpl via weight reduction and reduced friction loss.

MDPS (Motor Driven Power Steering) with Tilt steering

MDPS provides sharp response and accurate handling while driving. Its compact & lightweight uses less components making the MDPS less noisy and helping boost fuel economy. While the tilt function enables you to adjust the steering angle to suit your driving style.

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    5-Speed manual transmission

    There is a perfect synchronization of engine and transmission in EON for delivering optimized performance. Smooth and accurate gear shift with optimal gear ratios and light weight contributes to efficient and durable performance of the power-train.

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    The EON rides on a McPherson strut suspension in the front and in the back is a torsion beam axle suspension.

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    Front disc brakes

    Front disc brakes and rear drum brakes are reliable with improved brake life and offer impressive stopping power.

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    Gear Shift Indicator

    Unique to its class, the digital shift indicator prompts you to shift to the right gear at the right speed, helping you achieve optimal gear usage for maximum fuel efficiency.


Additional Safety for the Driver

Like other Hyundai Cars, EON is also the safest in its class. With a driver airbag installed as a supplemetary restraint system, EON gives you unprecedented safety in case of a mishap.

Reinforced Structure

Bolstering the already strong structure, the EON's square shaped rardiator support panel, reinforced floor panel and door side impact beams provide connection support to counter the huge forces generated on impact.

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    Upper body

    Redesigned to effectively distribute impact forces which will ensure the least force transferred to the passenger space.

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    Side door strength

    Side doors are reinforced for the maximum protection of you and your family.


Everything you want, within reach

A gauge cluster featuring a futuristic three-barrel design with attractive chrome accents offers easy access to vital vehicle information.

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Welcoming ceremony

EON literally welcomes you by presenting a unique lighting ceremony to you in fuel gauge.

2-Din Audio with AUX-in & USB ports

This well-integrated audio system is engineered for high quality sound and the Aux-in & USB ports let you play your favourite music through your choice of players.

Power Window

Lowering the windows in the EON is a breeze with easy to use power window that respond to your wish just the touch of a button.

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    Rear Parcel Tray

    Useful for placing small utility items, the wallpaper type rear parcel tray also covers objects stored in the boot.

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    Key less entry and Center locking

    This function helps you conveniently lock/unlock the doors from a distance or when inside the cabin, giving you maximum safety and protection.

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    Internally adjustable outside mirror

    The feature lets you adjust the mirror from within, without having to open the window, giving you more control while driving.

Variant 0.8L iRDE 0.8L iRDE 0.8L iRDE 0.8L iRDE 0.8L iRDE 0.8L iRDE 0.8L iRDE 1.0L Kappa 1.0L Kappa
Fuel Option                  
Petrol S S S S S S S S S
Reinforced body structure S S S S S S S S S
Front & Rear seat belts S S S S S S S S S
Child safety rear door locks S S S S S S S S S
Engine immobilizer S S S S S S S S S
Inside rear view mirror S S S S S S S S S
Central locking - - - - S S S - S
Keyless entry - - - - - - S - S
Front Fog Lamps - - - - - - S - S
Driver airbag - - O - O - S - S
Clear Head lamps S S S S S S S S S
Clear tail lamps S S S S S S S S S
Chrome tip radiator grille S S S S S S S S S
Integrated spoiler S S S S S S S S S
Tinted glass - - S S S S S - S
Body color bumper - - S S S S S S S
Passenger outside mirror - - - - S S S - S
Full wheel cover  Hub Cap  Hub Cap S S S S S
Roof antenna - - - - S S S - S
Body color outside mirrors - - - - - - S - S
Body color outside door handles - - - - - - S - S
Sporty Roof Rails - - - S - S - - -
Side Body Molding Graphics - - - S - S - - -
2-tone beige & brown key color S S S S S S S S S
B & C pillar trims S S S S S S S S S
Deluxe floor console S - S S S S S - S
Exclusive dashboard storage S S S S S S S S S
Exclusive pedestal space S S S S S S S S S
Bucket type single unit front seats S S S S S S S S S
Bench folding rear seat S S S S S S S S S
Floor console storage S S S S S S S S S
Cup holder S S S S S S S S S
Assist grips Rear Rear S S S S S Rear S
Silver touch on center fascia - - S S S S S - S
Front & Rear speaker grille - Front only  Front only S S S Front only S
Front door map pocket with bottle holder - - S S S S S - S
Moulded door trims - - S S S S S - S
Rear parcel tray - - - - S S S - S
Metallic finish 3-Spoke steering wheel   2-Spoke  2-Spoke S  2-Spoke
Metallic finish inside door handles - - - - - - S - -
Beige Semi-fabric seats Full Vinyl Full Vinyl Full Vinyl Semi-Fabric Semi-Fabric Semi-Fabric Semi-Fabric Full Vinyl Semi-Fabric
Dual Tripmeter S S S S S S S S S
Low fuel warning S S S S S S S S S
Graphic band fuel gauge S S S S S S S S S
Gear shift indicator S S S S S S S S S
Remote fuel lid opener S S S S S S S S S
Remote tail gate release S S S S S S S S S
Rear seat belt knuckle holder S S S S S S S S S
Power outlet - - S S S S S - S
Air conditioner - S S S S S S S S
Motor Driven (Electric) Power Steering - S S S S S S S S
Tilt steering - - - - - - S - -
Internally adjustable outside mirrors - - - - S S S - S
Front power windows - - S S S S S - S
Front door full size armrest - - S S S S S - S
2 DIN Radio+MP3 Audio - - - - S S S - S
15.75 cm Touchscreen AV system with Phone Link - - - S - S - - -
Front door speakers (2) - - - S S S S - S
Digital clock (Audio display) - - - S S S S - S
Aux-in Port - - - S S S S - S
USB Port - - - S S S S - S